''We all grapple with narcissistic conflicts, with issues of self-esteem, self- coherence, care for our self versus care for others, and so on.The etymology of the word psychopathology is especially pertinent in this regard: psychopathology, seen deeply, is the meaningful (logos) suffering (pathos) of our soul (psyche).''
Will W. Adams


Psychotherapist with psychoanalytic/psychodynamic approach at Analitica center. She offers individual psychotherapy in person or online for teenagers and adults; in Albanian, English and Turkish….


Individual Psychotherapy

A psychotherapeutic treatment one-on-one with a trained mental health clinician in a confidential environment

online Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy conducted over the internet by using methods such as email, online chat or webcam video (e.g. Zoom).

Diagnosis Assessment

Identification of the problem, illness, etc. / Gathering & evaluating data about a patient’s symptoms, mental state, behaviors, and background.


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